Developments in Parking Management Systems

It is a famous quote that nothing remins same, everything changes. That’s the reason why there is development in Parking management system!

Parking management system is the complete services that guide and assist people where to park the car and take fees or payment if it. The system’s main purpose of existence is that it helps the people to park their vehicle and earn through it.

Parking Management System has seen development a lot  in different times. Do you want to know what are those developments? If yes, then read below, know the developments and get some knowledge which all humans want.

What are the developments in Parking Management System?

Parking Management System was not the system that is just started when a person just thought about firstly. It is the set of details and steps that make it lengthy due to which it has some history. In a one line, it has been developed from human assisted system to machine assisted. To know more about each development, read below and get some idea.

Human assisted Parking management system: Initially, Parking management system was made by humans and it was their effort and work that turn the effort into system. In human made parking system, there were humans were given responsibility and tasked to guide people. Therefore, many of them stood in parking areas at distance to guide drivers and there were some who used to stand at the entrance and exit of the area to take money from them. 

Machine assisted Parking management system: Machine assisted parking system consists of blocks of machine at exit and entrance that sense that a car is entering or exiting and take money from. Although, the humans do involve on it, it gives them ease. The people who sit in machine block has only a task to guide people if they don’t understand whats going on. Besides, humans are involve to guide people where to park their car and any vehicle. It is the car parking system in Dubai. The system has parking guidance system as well.

Software assisted Parking management system: It is the development of today. In this a software or app is must to download which alert the people that they have to pay fees to enter and once they pay fee then software show what to do next. In this system, it is the software that guide where to park their car or bike or any of their vehicle or commute.

So, these are the developments in parking system. Although, all of them are used today because not all can afford to have software based system, human assisted built initially.