After years of fascinating over your favorite car when you finally get it, that’s the feeling of being on cloud 9 but is that it? Is that the end of your fascination? It might seem like you have achieved your dream and now it’s the end but no it’s not fun of you just stop right there because the sky is the limit and the car which you have recently bought, deserves so much of your attention and interest. After years of hard work you have finally got a hold of your luxury car and it’s time to cherish it.

To make your experience more memorable, you should try to maintain your new car. A bit of upfront work than regular automobiles can make your ride more attractive. Maintenance is not just about making your car look attractive but also to make it durable in the long run. Therefore, we have brought you an easy to follow tips to maintain your luxury car:

1. Service

Cars more special than a regular car also deserves more special treatment. Therefore, try to pay more attention to the maintenance and servicing of your luxury vehicles. These luxury cars cannot be fixed just anywhere but only through the professionals who are expert at handling these luxury rides. You can get the help of the owner’s manual, so give it a god read. Take notes on the exact date for your maintenance schedules. Don’t forget to take extra care of oil and change to regularly.

2. Seats

Get your new baby cleaned and clear interior. Try to vacuum your luxury car’s seats twice a week, and make sure to keep the car interior—such as the floor, doors, dash, consoles, etc. super neat ad vacuumed. Whether you have Lamborghini or Porsche, get it quality service. You can also get professional Audi service in Dubai.

3. Weather updated

You should not wear a branded suit and expensive watch outside on the days when you know it’s going to cats and dogs. The same goes for your luxury cars. Stay updated on the weather conditions, road conditions, and other factors that can harm your car. Even if it’s unexpected, try to take precautions to protect your car get any damage. To restore any damage, you can search for a nearby BMW repair in Dubai or any luxury car you have so that you can immediately repair it.

4. Check the tires

Make it your practice to check the condition of your car tires whenever you’re up for a ride. It will save you from trouble. Poor air pressure in tires can lead a car to lose its balance or even lead to a tire burst while you’re driving. So be aware and have an amazing time with your newly purchased luxury car.