Car detailing in Dubai is a way to get your car look like a new one but you also need to pay a good amount to the workshop owner when you can also do that at a smaller level in your home. There are many things which are available in the house and they are used in the detailing process. You have to see that there are some works which you cannot do that at home and then you need to see the cost like the alloy wheel refurbishment cost. The things which you need to check out at your home are the following:

There is no house that does not have the measuring tape in that. You have to get that in your hand and then you can easily measure the film of your car. It is necessary that you have to measure the film correctly because if the measurement will go wrong then you will waste the film and in order to correct that you need to buy another film from that purpose.

When you are doing the work then you will have the chance of damaging your skin while contacting with the heat gun, plastic or any other thing so it is necessary that you put on your gloves before working on your car. You will get to know about two types of working gloves out of which one is made up of plastic and the other is of rubber. You can get any of these but it is better to have the rubber gloves as they will give you more protection and also they will be in working condition for longer period of time. You can use them for years without damaging them. They are a bit expensive than the plastic ones but buying them will be beneficial on longer run.

When you have to apply the paint or the protective film on your car then you have to see that there should be a cleaner surface on which you are working. For this purpose you have to get the squeegee out of your house because sometimes people will have these in their bathroom and you can use that in order to clean the surface of your car. You have to get soft squeegee because if you get the harder one then it will leave scratches.