There are some parents who don’t even know that either they have a son or a daughter but they are more keen on making their sons and daughters an engineers. And even though the era is changing but still there are many students who are becoming an engineer of any field and if you ask them, they say that they don’t want to become an engineer or some engineering consultants in UAE. And if you ask them that why they are becoming now then they say that they are becoming one because their parents said so and it is the wish of their parents. Fulfilling parents’ wish is a good thing but when it comes to choosing a career, we think that the parents should let down their guard.

Everyone needs some guidance when they are about to start their career and if you are looking for a job that can make you a legend and that is highly paid as well, then we suggest that you become an architect engineer and work in the best companies of architects in Dubai if you are in UAE. Speaking of UAE, UAE has gotten many awards of the best buildings and the best architecture of the cities. And that is why the whole UAE praises the architect engineers. If you are a kind of person who wants to become now then we suggest that you read some architect engineering facts below;

Architecture design trash: if you want to get some ideas of the architecture then you should keep an eye on the facility of the architecture department that throw their trash because there you will find many architecture designs that the students have submitted for the final year project and a stat show that each year around the world, almost 220 million designs are thrown in trash.

Architecture was a sport: it will be hard for you to believe that the early first four Olympic medals that were about 151 medals, they were given to the different sports winners and the winner of the best architectural design as well. but it was soon taken off the board because it did not include any physical strength.

Girih Tiles: the Girih tiles that are usually used in Mosques and Churches and temples, they are said to be similar to a math terms called Penrose Tiling and it was discovered in 1970s.