When you plan to hire international movers for your relocation, no doubt you’ll have several questions to ask movers for your satisfaction. If you want to get the right answers, do not feel hesitant to ask anything about movers and Packers. The more you know about international relocation companies in Dubai, the better you will prepare yourself for the relocation process. Below, we have listed some important questions that you should ask your relocation company.

What is your experience in overseas relocation, and how long have you been in this business?

It is essential to know about the experience of a relocation company in overseas moving. They should have a strong background and years of experience in this business. Tell them your fears about your belongings. If international movers have strong background and reputation in the market, you can hire them.

What is the full name of your company and address?

Another question which is important to ask is the full name and address of the Company. Ask international movers to provide you the email address, phone number, website, and physical address of the company. Ask them to show you their license and certification. Try to visit their physical office and ask the local community about their reputation.

How do you calculate the relocation cost?

When it comes to calculating relocation costs, most international companies charge you based on weight. However, you can ask them about their costing criteria and what type of services are extra services? To get an accurate estimation of relocation, you can take the company’s representative for the actual assessment.

What type of items they won’t take?

It is important to question that you should ask about relocation companies. Ask the moving company to provide a list of items that they won’t take for shipment. It is also a good idea to contact your destination country’s embassy to ask about items that cannot be imported into their country.

Do you have specific packing requirements?

Can I pack myself? One of the best options that increase the safety of your belongings is hiring professional packers who pack your items carefully. However, if you are not satisfied with professional packers, you can ask international companies to pack your belongings yourself. After all, it is your right to take care of your things.

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