Turkey is a wonderful place that offers numerous opportunities and benefits to its residents. It is the best road map to acquire a second passport by investing at least $250,000 in Turkey. The application process is simpler, and you do not have to face any obligation when you declare your assets or earned income from other countries. Turkey has excellent modern Villas and luxury apartments with economical prices; you may invest there to show your financial worth. This program facilitates its residents to relocate anywhere in the world, including the UK and USA under, certain Visa categories.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship:

  • The whole application process is much easier for new applicants.
  • The Turkish passport is settled within 180 days and transfer to applicants.
  • Turkey’s Government facilitates its residence with dual citizenship.
  • Citizenship by Investment requires a minimum investment of worth $250,000 for at least three years. If you are earning income through a rental property, you have to pay tax for that.
  • You can travel to at least 115 countries with Citizenship by Investment, including South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and Qatar.
  • You can apply with your entire family, such as a spouse, children who are under the age of 18 years.
  • You do not have to declare your assets or incomes from other countries.
  • You enjoy free medical facilities, educations, and pension programs.

Things to consider before applying for the Citizenship by Investment Turkey:

  • Any person who can invest in a real estate business in Turkey at least $250,000 can apply for Turkish Citizenship.
  • It does not matter whether you invest in buying an apartment; you can also buy offices or stores.
  • The citizenship process takes 30 days from the application date. Moreover, temporary residence permits issued to the applicant and their families who buy property in Turkey.

Investment options:

Property purchase with value $250,000:

  • You have the option to buy residential or commercial property, but there is a restriction that you cannot sell a property for three years from the purchasing date.

Capital transfer from $ 500,000:

  • For acquiring Turkish citizenship, you have to deposit $500,000 in a Turkish bank for at least three years.
  • You have to buy Government bonds and have to keep the investment for three years.

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