People need to know that there are certain rules to use the gym Abu Dhabi, they just can’t go there and do whatever they want to do because that is not there personal space, many other people are also there want to use the same equipment so everyone should use them with great care and with vigilance. You can also go to the fitness center Abu Dhabi and then so the same which you do at the gym because they are about the same places. Here are some rules which you need to follow:

Humble to ask: You need to be very humble and ask from the person just stop using the equipment that whether they are done with their exercise on that equipment or not. You should not just start working out when you see a place empty while the other person is standing next to it. It will be a good gesture to ask about the equipment.

Put back: When you are done using any small equipment like the weights, hoops etc. then you need to put that back carefully at their right place. You should not throw them on to the ground as they will get damaged or the ground will get the effects of it. When you put the weight at any place then other people will get difficulty in finding them so you have to be careful about it.

Get your towel: When you are going to a gym then you have to get your belongings with you like you have to take your towel, tissue and socks with you as these are the things that if you use them of others then you may get some diseases and it will be difficult for you and others too. If you see these things of others even then you should not use them as it is against the etiquettes of gym.

Clean: You need to clean the space where you have been doing your work out because it is not appropriate to leave the space dirty and then go to the next equipment leaving your mess behind. You have to clean the handles especially as they any have some sweat from your hands and other areas of every equipment when you stop suing that. When you do that then you will also get the cleaned equipment.